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Our service

Our Service

We can provide you with the following services:

1. Find the suitable manufacturer for you, open up the supply channels, and solve the supply chain problems.We will look for suitable manufacturers based on your requirements.There are more than 6,000 manufacturers of auto parts in our database,covers all automotive parts and components. We are familiar with their quality, price, company size, and reputation,and we have a very good relationship with them so can establish timely communication and coordination.
2. On behalf of your company and negotiate the price, delivery time and other matters with suppliers to help you reduce procurement costs.
We will negotiate with suppliers based on your target price and try our best to get the best price and the shortest delivery time for you.
3.Do tracking service for your order
We will conduct full tracking services for your orders to avoid unforeseen problems and errors in the production process.
4.Do quality inspection on behalf of your company
Our company has a professional technical team,then we can detect the quality problems and communicate with the factory to solve problems in time.
5.Provide warehousing, agent export services.
Our company has a warehouse more than 20,000 square meters , can provide the necessary warehousing services to customers. Our company has many years of experience in import and export management and can export products for clients
6.To help customers deal with after-sales problems
In the event of quality, packaging, and other issues in your order, we can coordinate the resolution and handle trade disputes with the supplier on your behalf.


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